■Japanese Cooking Class Roujiya

Authentic Japanese Cooking Class - the best souvenir from Kyoto!

■Kyoto Bike rental Roujiya

Bike Rental at Roujiya! 500yen/day! Open at 8o'clock!

■Kyoto Mortorcycle Rental Roujiya

Kyoto Motorcycle Rental Roujiya!
Why don't you go on a motorcycle ride in Kyoto?

■Kyoto Guesthouse Roujiya

Roujiya is a cozy and modern (yet distinctly Japanese) family-owned hostel in the heart of Kyoto.

■Traditional Kyoto Home Ichiyoraifuku

Authentic 100 years old town house in the center of Kyoto
All rooms are private use

■Kyoto Hostel Network

Welcome to Kyoto Hostel Network (KHN). We are a voluntary group consisting of 13 independent hostels located in Kyoto City. The member hostels offer clean, safe and cozy accommodation for all budget travellers. We are looking forward to meeting you in the charming ancient capital Kyoto !

■Guesthouses in Kyoto

This site shows budget accomodation(guesthouses) information in Kyoto.

■Mysore Kyoto

Yoga studio close to Roujiya and Nijo castle

■Japan Tourist

Japan's fastest growing English language tourist website.

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Japanese Cooking Class Roujiya

Kyoto Bicycle Rental Roujiya

Kyoto Motorcycle Rental Roujiya

Kyoto Guesthouse Roujiya

Traditional Kyoto Home Ichiyoraifuku




Tel 075-432-8494 Available hours 8:00~11:00 16:00~22:00