Traditional Kyoto Home "Bifuku" is located close to JR/Subway Nijo station in a quiet residential area.

The house was not used for a long time, so we returned the style to its original form how it was 130 years ago with help of local craftsmen.

We renovated the house wholeheartedly to make sure your stay remains a special memory.

Please make yourself at home at Bifuku.

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The origin of the name "Bifuku"

There was a "Bifuku Gate" which was one of the gates for the emperial palace around 1300 years ago.

The name of the street on "Bifuku Roujiya" is Bifuku street.

The meanig of "Bi" is beauty and "Fuku" is happy.

So we named this house "Bifuku - beauty and happy" to hope that happiness will come and feel the beauty of old Japanese culuture to all our guests staying at Bifuku.

Please enjoy the antique and elegant atomosphere.

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